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Containers for water and waste water
  • Containers for water and waste water
  • Containers for water and waste water
  • Containers for water and waste water

Containers for water and waste water

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Country of manufacture:Russia
Containers for water and waste water

An integral part of the water treatment system - storage tanks for water. For water treatment systems are ideal modular container, since they are resistant to aggressive substances, which are used in these processes, and with it can be used for drinking water.

Modular containers are used for corrosive wastewater. Use them as cesspools - this, of course, expensive. But if domestic waste water subject to further processing (e. g. , for biogas plants), then it is advisable to use modular containers. In addition, modular container can be discharged industrial wastewater. Scope:
  • Water treatment settlements, industrial plants, public buildings;
  • Overflow tanks for swimming pools;
  • The accumulation and disposal of domestic sewage;
  • Accumulation of industrial wastewater;
  • The primary sedimentation tanks in the blending and purification of domestic wastewater.
  • Technical characteristics of the membrane can store as drinking water and waste water aggressive.
  • To set the minimum capacities necessary civil works.
  • Water treatment capacity can be installed in confined spaces such as basements.
  • Lifting equipment for the assembly of containers is not necessary.
  • Containers for drinking and wastewater can be installed underground.
Size Capacity

The table below shows typical dimensions of the containers. We can produce container of any size.

Drain and filler (overflow) tubes placed at a distance of 10 - 15 cm from the lower (upper) edge of the container. Consequently, the working volume of the container less dimensional 2 - 5% .

For example, a container with a diameter of 11.9 m and and a height of 4.67 m and a volume of 521 m³.

Country of manufacture:Russia
Material:гофрированная оцинкованная сталь
Volume: от 20 до 4000 m³
Color:Silver color
Information is up-to-date: 22.10.2021

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